Hyppo-Fuelling greener communities

Fuelling greener communities

Hyppo hydrogen solutions has been set up to expedite the shift away from fossil fuels. We are a services-based company that is stimulating the green hydrogen economy by creating the demand within local communities. 

We see a future where clean hydrogen is powering every part of our transportation needs, from cars, vans, buses and coaches to trucks, trains, ferries and aircraft. Clean hydrogen can also have a significant positive impact on power, heating and energy storage needs, helping to decarbonise our planet so that people and nature can thrive.

Our Services

Hyppo Hydrogen Motion

Moving at a greener pace

Hyppo is creating hub-based transport services to support the production and refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen. Hyppo has established the first private hire operator in Wales to provide fuel cell electric vehicles that run on hydrogen.  We have been running bus trials in real world settings allowing operators, drivers and passengers to experience the benefits of hydrogen transport. 

Hyppo Hydrogen Power

Powering towards net zero

Hyppo is focusing on the traditionally high emission sectors such as construction, film production and live events to offer clean low carbon alternatives to fossil fuel based generators.

Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions

Making hydrogen work for you

Hyppo can assist companies looking to utilise hydrogen on their journey to net zero.  From hydrogen bootcamps, carbon assessments, business case development, bid writing or project development we use our expertise to help decarbonise your organisation.


Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions